Thursday, December 7, 2006

Welcome to Garage Goons

Welcome motorcycle and hot-rod fans to the Garage Goons blog site. We are a loose collective of even looser cannons!!! We dig old school sleds. We build ours in the Goon Garage, ( location classified ) a small den of inequity which has all the needed supplies to carry out our subversive plans for world domination. Tools, machines and a fridge fully stocked with pepsi and the occasional beer. There's a couple of lifts a surf board or two, and lots of old rodder stuff!!! Cam has some broken skateboard decks laying around and a vert-ramp in the driveway. Well that's the lowdown as far as this post goes. We'll put up pictures and info about our bikes & stuff we're working on as well as other peoples stuff we like.

Yeah we're probabley shovel some propaganda down yer throat from time to time. But you'll put up with it. Ya might even like it. There's alot of good stuff out there besides ours and we wanna see it. Long as it's kool. So feel free to share what yer into with us. Pictures and all. But if it aint kool don't count on seeing it here!!! Good looking out. The Garage Goons have spoken.

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