Saturday, December 16, 2006

Work In Progress

The Garage Goons are hard at work over the winter ( or at least Kenny ) on two new bikes. Not sure how this freak show will end up, but you can bet it's gonna be a monster. I was putting a 103" S&S shovel in, but that resides in the other bike. Most likely a big evo with a few surprises to to make it go REAL FAST!!! Hanging on could get interesting. Oh and ya might have noticed that's a 23" front rim that Warren Lane makes complete with V-Rubber tire. No front brake. No way. Jockey shift and all the other little hard core goodies you'd expect fron the Garage Goons.

Much as we're tempted just to leave it bare metal, we're gonna have Robert Pradke spray some of that Chemical Skin that we love so much on it. I've changed my mind on the paint scheme already which is something Robert has come to expect and laugh about. After all at the end of the day I know anything that comes out of Custom Auto Design will rock. That's it for now. Just keeping ya posted. DJ Chopper God over and out.

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